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The 21st century world is a complex mesh of ever-changing physical, psychological and social dimensions that are constantly redefining our needs and priorities. The need of the hour therefore is to recognize the dynamics of these instabilities and provide an ultimate rehabilitative solution.

MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management), recognizes the urgent need for an absolute commitment towards achieving this goal in order to conserve our society for the future generations. MGRM believes that the root cause of the problems inflicting the modern society are the negative forces existing within individuals and it is the individuals that should be addressed in all the dimensions to overcome problems. MGRM's Research and Process­ based Technologies have the capability of efficiently and effectively addressing physical, psychological and social problems, setting Ultimate Rehabilitation as a process to achieve One World ... One Solution.

All beings on this planet – plants, animals, etc., except humans – are able to have harmony in their lives during their existence. The lack of harmony in humans, within themselves, amongst themselves and with nature, has lead to several problems faced by humanity – terrorism, poverty, crime, aids, war, etc.

It is important and necessary to bring back harmony into human lives in the three dimensions – physical, psychological and social, which will lead them to the 4th dimension evolving as “spiritual” entities, at peace with themselves, amongst themselves and with nature. This will enable humans to evolve from “Individuals to Complete Personalities”.

MGRM specializes in recognizing the physical, psychological and social needs, rather than wants, of a person at every stage of the Human Life Cycle and addressing them through a variety of applications, tools, services and products.

All MGRM Group Companies are committed towards the vision of "Ultimate Rehabilitation of the Human Race", and the mission "To make an individual, a Complete Personality".

MGRM Corporate Profile

MGRMSearch and research are the essence of mankind. The resultant awareness leads to an individual's physical, psychological, social and spiritual evolution. Extensive scientific and medical research has proved that the concept of rehabilitation is not limited to physical rehabilitation. Ultimate Rehabilitation for the human race is one that can recognize and simultaneously encompass all the above elements that make an individual a complete personality.MGRM

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MGRM Applications


University education is on highly self learning mode, MGRM's expert systems facilitate this and enhance the knowledge sharing and learning process...

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M-Star Content Management System, allows your University, College or Institution to create a dynamic website depicting your policy and philosophy. It allows you to maintain...

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We understand that varied requirements and standards have to be met depending on the Core functional Domain of the college. Hence we customize...

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It’s the worst nightmare for the Administration, Staff and the Principal of any educational institution, to engage with documents, data-entry work, analysis of data...

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M-Star LSP is a highly intuitive tool for delivering online courses and distance education. It facilitates all the needs of the online learning community and benefits the instructors...

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With M-Cure your healthcare organization can provide the same level of care to patients once they are discharged and need to continue treatment at home...

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M-Star School Expert Systems can be customized according to the needs of the institution. MGRM technology team will be able to help you to tailor make it to suit your needs.

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