MGRM Techno-Village® Initiative

Techno-Village is a unique rural employment initiative by MGRM Inc. This multi-faceted initiative address the physical, social and psychological dimensions of development of individuals & society.


Most nations worldwide face a chronic issue of rural under-development and stagnant growth, that triggers mass urban migration, slum creation, unemployment and poor living conditions all of which affect the entire state, and neighboring states in the process.

In general, agricultural produce abundance rarely translates to good agribusiness models that help develop communities. Tourism products are rarely recognized as community tourism opportunities and hence often remain underdeveloped. Artisanal cuisine, handicraft, and handloom have stagnated, along with various cultural & heritage assets. Industrially important raw materials are exported to neighboring states at very low costs, often leading to exploitation rather than empowerment of the producers.

In the midst of immense opportunities, we find poverty, illiteracy, poor health and nutrition, unskilled workforce, underemployment & unemployment, all of which often led to a cycle of intergenerational poverty and disenfranchisement.

Techno-Village Initiative

A core aspect of MGRM Techno-Village Initiative is a detailed study of rural cluster at district, county, parish and state levels, to identify core strengths, available raw materials, traditional and new industry skills, and factors that influence them. This study is conducted concomitantly with a study of core social issues (market access, unemployment, skills deficit and others), psychological issues (like substance abuse, behavioral risks etc.) and various physical dimension / health issues.

The final solution is a custom Techno-Village Initiative that seeks to develop youth and women folks, artisans, and others, while leveraging local resources towards development of advanced medical, culinary, agro-business, tourism, and allied products and services.

Solution Framework

An ideal Techno-Village Initiative spans at least several large districts encompassing thousands of villages within them. A typical solution would encompass a Hub and Spoke model. Components of the solution vary and may involve Product & Services Development, Design Studio, Exhibition & Sale Centers, Automation Infrastructure that aids in entrepreneurship development leading to tiny / micro / small industry, among others.


Techno-Village Initiative outcomes saliently include:

  1. Women Empowerment & overall Human Resources Development through life skills, workplace skills and advanced agricultural / industrial & allied skills development
  2. Entrepreneurship development among women and youth
  3. Higher value-addition and better returns leading to a positive cycle of future investment
  4. Highly skilled manpower, leading to overall efficiencies in industry, agriculture and other areas leading to higher state productivity
  5. Stable income for individuals and families, often leading to better health, and family cohesion, and a positive growth of communities.


Key immediate benefits of the project include:

  1. Channelizing youth energies towards financial independence & self-employment
  2. Higher pay and income surplus that helps invest in quality education and healthcare
  3. Effective utilization of local raw materials and other resources towards enhanced livelihood development.
  4. Incentive to invest in and revive traditional arts and crafts, and artisanal skills
  5. Enhanced visibility, identity of the District / Cluster, and State.