Digital Citizen Transformation

A Digitally Connected Citizen is an assets for every Economy. MGRM’s applications facilitate Digital Citizen Interaction with government services in Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Agriculture and Urban Transportation

What is Digital Citizen?

The Master Governance Based Digital Citizen Platform focuses on individual needs through the life cycle to digitally deliver critical services in Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Agriculture and other government services.

Citizen Delivery Platforms

Service Delivery is enabled through multiple entry points such as MGRM’s proprietary OmVcard, mobile applications and Kiosks. Coupled with MGRM’s MStar Suite of Applications and analytical tools, the Digital Citizen Platform transforms the day-to-day citizen-government interactions.

MStar Enabled OmVcard

MGRM OmVcard (smartcard) based apps can conduct required computations on the embedded chip, in addition to storing data and enabling transactions. This allows rollout of largescale implementation (nationally, regionally and globally) such as national identity, educational identity & access control, electronic transcripts & certificates, mobile health data, insurance, financial & banking applications, pharmaceutical, transport among others. Critical applications of MGRM dual-card based systems enable secure pre-authorized-level access, to medical records by doctors & paramedic at-site in emergencies, fulfilling prescriptions, financial applications and others.

National E-Identity

A powerful tool in unlocking the GDP potential of any economy, OmVcard facilitates the seamless deployment of Unique ID programs

Citizen Digital Vault

A powerful tool in unlocking the GDP potential of any economy, OmVcard facilitates the seamless deployment of Unique ID programs


Over the past 3 decades MGRM has set the standard for implementation for state of the art technologies through our MStar suite of products and Applications. With investments in emerging technologies like blockchain and predictive and corrective Artificial Intelligence, MGRM strives to maintain a technological advantage for all your governance and citizen services.

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Digital Citizen

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