MGRM’s Insurance E-Governance Platform provides the infrastructure and framework to meet the needs of the Insurance industry.


MStar Insurance E-Governance Platform is built to meet the requirements of Life and Non-Life Insurance markets and integrate all stakeholders under the operations of a common framework and platform.


Integrated platform that meets your end to end requirements of your enterprise that encompass core insurance function, digital marketing, ecommerce and OmVcard (smart card) to deliver digital insurance products

Platform to develop and deploy new and innovative insurance products, both life and non-life

Advanced predictive and corrective analytics to maximize on pricing, claims triage, fraud prevention and others.

Unified digital experience for enterprise users, agencies / resellers, visitors and clients.

Real-time / near-real-time data analytics

Unified cost effective operations


The Platform operates under the principles of E-Governance applied to the industry life cycle.


The Insurance E-Governance Platform integrates stakeholders from the Public, Administrative and Institutional layers through specialized applications and modules that utilize state of the art technological tools while being compliant with national and regulatory compliances.

Core Applications

MGRM’s Applications and Modules use latest technological tools to meet the needs of all stakeholders of the Insurance Domain.

M-Sure Insurance Expert Systems

The M-Sure Insurance Expert System is an integrated application that proactively manages your insurance offering and program. Driven via a microprocessor based OmVcard, M-Sure allows for delivery of insurance policies in real-time via internet and mobile technologies, with the potential to extend your products with new insurance offerings in both life and non-life / property and casualty markets.


Key components of the M-Sure Insurance Expert System includes

Risk clearance is one of the functions of M-Sure wherein the customer is cleared for risk before the issuance of a quote.


Risk can be analyzed based on Location, Exposure to risky situations and behavior, Claims history, Geography, Financial parameters and essentially any risk factor than can possibly be defined. Individuals and organizations risk levels can be determined via information collected directly or evaluated indirectly through business intelligence. Tests and simulations can be run to evaluate best possible scenarios and quotes to maximize on opportunities available and risks presented.

Organizational user may generate a Quick Quote (pending risk clearance) or a Quote. While a Quick Quote provides rough estimates on premium and coverage and payment schedules, a Quote generally issued post risk-clearance may have option for multiple premiums, multiple quote versions etc.


Alternatively, a Quote may also be generated from an active policy, such as for renewal, or from any existing policy in the system. Preclearance, policy hold, quick quotes, quick renewals and other options accelerate the quote and policy issuance process.


These Quotes can be routed through the Underwriting Module for clearance and submission to the prospect.

The policy module allows for several key business functions to Retrieve a quote for a new business, Create a policy without a quote, Retrieve a quote for renewal, Renew a policy without a quote, Submit policy to Underwriting Module, Premium calculators to rate a competitive policy, Retrieve / delete suspended policies and Initiate and Issue rapid policy renewals.

A claim is a demand made by the policyholder against an adverse event. When a policyholder reports a loss to the Insurance Company, a new claim is registered in M-Sure. The Claims Management module allows for rapid submission of claims by policyholders, and for rapid workflow driven processing. Alerts and checklists, setup to process the claim, enforce rigorous measures to prevent fraud while rapidly executing genuine claims executed. Rules-based and policy-based automated claims processing can be setup with inbuilt checks, and controls.

Agents and agencies write and issue policies on behalf of your organization. Agency Management module allows for setting up Agencies with Prerequisites & Licensing Requirements, along with handing their commissions. Additional interfacing with agencies can be expedited through established workflow templates.

Helps handle policy related receivables and receipts. Additional features that can be enabled include alerts, receipts, commissions and reporting, as required.

M-Sure provides for a multi-dimensional control of forgery and fraudulent claims. Features include biometrics enabled transactions, online identity, and, multi-parameter data driven validation of users & claims prior to processing. An additional layer of security is provided via our unique Predictive & Corrective Analytics application that is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) to help prevent fraud.


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