Transportation/ Automobile

MGRM's Automobile E-Governance Platform provides the infrastructure and framework to support the needs of the Transportation and Automobile sectors of the economy.


The Automobile E-Governance Platform provides for an advanced rule engine that provides for flexible manufacturing, advanced scheduling and optimization, IIoT integration and AI driven predictive and corrective Analytics.


Integrated platform that meets end to end requirements including order management, material planning, purchase and inventory and supply chain logistics coupled with digital marketing and e-commerce services.


Real-time / near-real-time material, process and quality data


Vendor agnostic Industrial Internet-of-Things capabilities


Advanced predictive and corrective analytics.


Enhanced control over processes and quality.


Cost effective operations


Lean and agile manufacturing


Deep traceability with genealogy


Enhanced environmental, safety and regulatory compliance


The Automobile E-Governance Platform operates under the principles of E-Governance applied across the industry life cycle from Design and Development to Quality control and Sales and Distribution.



The Platform is designed to be future ready and secure and meets end to end national safety and regulatory compliances. The Application Suite targets modules that meet the needs of the industry along with AI driven predictive and corrective analytical tools.


Core Applications

MStar Suite of Applications are operational across the Public, Administrative and Institutional Layers of the industry.


M-Auto Automobile Expert System

M-Auto helps monitor the complete production process through order, work in process (WIP) and finished goods stages for discreet, batch and continuous manufacturing. Product Life Cycle Management comprising Bill of Material, Scheduling, Automated routing, Work instruction, Documentation among others are integrated functions in M-Auto. Traditional ERP functions including production planning, material management, purchase & inventory, etc. along with Supply Chain Management & logistics are all part of M-Auto.

M-Auto applications integrate data captured into the discreet or batch manufacturing records, providing for compliance reporting and advanced AI analytics that help improves efficiencies and enhances quality, leading to citizen satisfaction.


M-Auto integrates traditional PLC systems, SCADA based systems that capture data from production equipment, modern IIoT that provide sensor / vision driven metrics, robotics & edge devices data, to provide automated data capture, batch and continuous process records creation, analytics and insight

MStar Quality Management System (MStar QMS) contains Country specific modules and allows for the preparation, collection of evidences of compliance, and apply for quality or compliance appraisal. Product and process quality standards related data can be captured via MStar QMS, analyzed and monitored to alert for variants and to take remedial action to prevent economic, manpower and other losses.


Statistical analysis, deviant / variant analysis, process variation and nonconformance analysis come as standard modules, whereas additional preventive and corrective analytics are provided using the MStar Analytics application.

M-Auto is designed to provide a financial view into every aspect of plant, machinery and transport operations, allowing for unprecedented insight and analytics at all levels of organization function. M-Auto provides for integrated financial reporting, wherein, financial records are derivable from all aspects of production, and products, to aid in analysis, and development of cost optimization approaches.

M-Auto provides comprehensive traceability and serialization module that maintains batch level details from raw material source till final sale in outlet to ensure tracing of root cause of issues when need arises. Additionally, the origin, components, and materials that make the item can be tracked along with the machine or equipment, tools, human and other resources used to make it, thus ensuring traceability, and delivery of a high quality products. This helps meet regulatory compliance, troubleshoot issues in the field, and in product recall management.

M-Auto provides for automated, semi-automatic (and manual data collection) process and ingestion capabilities that help bring disparate data environments. Data sources ideally include RFiD, barcode, QR-Codes, scada, IoT data, spreadsheet and others. This data, normally spanning production, quality, regulatory compliance and others, enables a platform-level analytical dashboard with various metrics and a single view of systems.

MStar Predictive & Corrective Analytics

M-Auto provides for AI based predictive failure of plant and machinery, products, compliance among others and aids in taking corrective actions before they arise. M-Auto allows for scorecard, radar, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other forms of reporting. Plant metrics can be additionally tracked via dashboards customized for shop floor, quality, management / boardroom, and systems can be configured to receive alerts for important measures and metrics on console and on mobile devices in order to obtain complete real time visibility with advanced analysis.



MStar Training Support Platform provides for training, certification & recertification of shop-floor personnel and managerial staff. MStar TSP allows for formation of professional learning circles and works towards professional development by providing access to advanced skills development programs.


Marketing, Sales & Outbound Logistics (MSO)

MGRM Marketing, Sales and Outbound Logistics (MSO) application provides for advanced marketing, sales and e-commerce functions. It allows for creation of segments & microsegments, goals and outcomes, and overall plan for success. Key features include Digital Marketing & Sales, Mobile Sales, E-Commerce, Recommendation Engine, Integrated Social Media Management, Distribution, Merchandizing, Shelf Space Management, & Logistics



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