Through decades of research and development, MGRM has established a global presence in the field of E-Governance through innovative products, solutions and services across multiple domains.

What We Do

With 30 years of research experience spanning the Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Automobile domains, MGRM Group of Companies has developed a vast portfolio of implementing an E-Governance architecture and framework that promotes digitization of the economy and usher in a new era of connected citizens in countries across the globe.

Why Us?

MGRM is the world leader in human life cycle solutions.

Through rigorous research that spans nearly four decades, MGRM develops ICT technology that addresses human needs at all stages of life. Our solutions engage stakeholders at multiple levels, from individual citizens to complete institutions and across essential global domains such as education, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and more.

As human needs evolve, so does our technology.

Our proprietary solutions are scalable for our ever-changing world. MGRM is able to address and predict human needs before they arise, manage them while they occur, and process the outcomes. Additionally, our solutions are infinitely scalable, so entities can expand with their own range of products that address their present and future needs.

We unify all stakeholders throughout the human life cycle.

Our solutions, platforms, and technology facilitate e-governance or bi-directional communication for institutions and their constituents. This framework encourages higher participation rates, grants insight, and unlocks potential for both citizen and state across the human life cycle.

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Life cycle

MGRM’s proprietary life cycle approach maps the needs of connected citizens with critical services throughout an individual's life cycle.

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Global Footprint

Over the past 3 decades, MGRM has built a global presence that enriches our solutions to be robust, complete and most relevant across multiple domains.

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Hitachi MGRM Net

A joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd and MGRM Net, Ltd., that targets social innovation through products, services and solutions that address the multi-dimensional and life cycle- based needs of Governance.

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