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Perhaps no product is more important than Pharmaceuticals, as it has the capacity to give or take life. The global pharmaceutical market is estimated to be over US$ 500 billion. Strict control over entire drug life cycle, from drug research to trials to production to distribution to consumption to vigilance is paramount.

Enhancing the ability of the government system to track the entire process delineated above enhances all aspects of governance such as transparency, efficiency, accountability, responsiveness, traceability and others. Control over all aspect of the drug cycle, from research to pharmacovigilance, is difficult, if not impossible without Pharmaceutical E-governance. In addition, the Pharmaceutical E-governance Platform brings the following benefits

National Development:Strengthening the Pharmaceutical Domain, strengthen the country’s economy by making individuals healthy, and by strengthening all national and international health indicators. The Citizen needs to be first fit, and then literate, to contribute to national growth. A healthy illiterate may still contribute to national development, whereas an unhealthy literate may not! Hence pharmaceutical e-governance is paramount for the health of the nation.

Penetration of Health & Drug Program: large sections of populations worldwide are inadvertently excluded from various beneficial programs of the government and billions of dollars are being spent to simply include them. With Pharmaceutical E-governance ensures 100% penetration of government programs pertaining to health and medication.

Drug Standards: The standards maintained by the drug controller are very important for the consumer. Without the proper implementation of these standards, a healthcare disaster is imminent.

Education of Masses: With countries facing many diverse issues from HIV prevention to Biological Disasters to Contagious Diseases, it is very important to have a direct channel to educate the citizen individually. The Pharmaceutical E-governance Platform provides just that. 

MGRM Offering

MGRM has developed a Pharmaceutical E-governance solutions that meets the requirement of the Food & Drug Regulatory Authority. The platform helps implement solutions at the zonal / sub zonal & port offices. It helps interlink the various entities in the domain including Manufacturers, Drug Laboratories, Pharma Teaching Programs, Awareness & Training Programs for the Medical Fraternity and the Public among others. The comprehensive program addresses the requirement of Administration, the Industry / Institutions and the Public.

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