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MGRMs Marketing Sales and Outbound Logistics (MSO) is an integrated platform to conduct all outbound operations that includes market definition and segmentation, marketing campaigns, pricing, sales campaigns, shopping cart, order booking, logistics management, warehousing and others. The system is further integrated using MGRM proprietary OmVcard, a smartcard system that helps minimize & eliminate repetitive work, and enhance authenticity and trust within the network.

Your distribution system can now proactively suggest optimal production loads, optimal distribution strategies and others, all aligned with your marketing and sales initiatives, ultimately tying with your business strategies.

  • Warehousing
  • Regional & State Distribution
  • Disaster & Mass Causality / Trauma Preparedness
  • Clinical Trials Licensing & Monitoring
  • Food & Drugs Controller
  • Pharmacovigilance & Public Advisory

Enquire to learn how MGRM can provide you a customized distribution system that can meet your fluctuating marketing demands and save through advanced logistics and optimal distribution strategies

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