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“M-PharmaTM provides the necessary global resources & technologies to the pharmaceutical industry to improve its manufacturing and distribution processes.”

High costs of research and development, changes in product markets, intense global competition, growth in counterfeiting, tightened regulatory compliance, ever-changing legislations, risks of global pandemics, make up the challenging landscape of the modern pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. Further, the increasing difficulty of finding and developing new drugs and the pressure to innovate and launch new products is tremendous. It is against this background that applying new technologies to achieve business advantage is of vital importance and what makes the leader stay ahead of the pack.

M-PharmaTM provides global resources and technologies to improve the manufacturing and distribution processes within the pharmaceutical industry. MGRM applies its vast knowledge of the domain and works with its clients across the value chain, from the specialist areas of research and development and clinical trials to expertise in optimizing manufacturing systems and marketing services. The Pharmaceutical Industry is ever growing, wherein the time is of greatest importance. The larger pharmaceutical industries in the world spend billions of dollars in drug research and development. A typical drug takes almost 12-16 years from concept to delivery and by the time it gets launched in the market, the cost of its development can beyond $1 billion.

All these are supported by 21st century GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices (which acts like a standard for manufacturing of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry). Since time is a great challenge in the drug development process with an exception of high precision data at all stages of drug manufacturing, a huge endeavor is envisaged to automate the process. In keeping with the above objective, MGRM has developed “M-PharmaTM”, a state-of-the-art application to cater to all the stages of drug manufacturing process supported with the completely integrated industry practices adhering to the best practices of e-enabled quality norms.

The benefits of integrated manufacturing and quality are as follows:

  • Efficient planning & scheduling
  • e-Work allocation & process monitoring
  • Minimal manual data entry
  • Plant-wide availability of data
  • Short processing time of information
  • Online machine availability status
  • Optimum machine utilization
  • Reduction in production loss
  • Raw material pilferage time loss vs. quantitative loss analysis
  • In-process material flow control
  • Methodical in-process control
  • Standardized information flow and checkpoint control mechanism

M-Pharma Digital Clinical Trials (M-DCT)

M-PharmaTM Digital Clinical Trials (M-DCT)

Any new drug or its modification needs to undergo a clinical trial that shall indicate efficacy and usefulness of the drug for a given ailment. Typical ratios indicate that one out of a 100 prospective drugs survive these tests, and that a billion dollars or more can be spent...


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M-Pharma Traceability & Counterfeit Control

M-PharmaTM e-Governance

Perhaps no product is more important than Pharmaceuticals, as it has the capacity to give or take life. The global pharmaceutical market is estimated to be over US$ 500 billion. Strict control over entire drug life cycle, from drug research to trials to production to distribution to consumption to vigilance is paramount...


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M-Pharma - Manufacturers

M-PharmaTM Manufacturers

MGRM has developed a proprietary Pharmaceutical Expert System ™ called M-Pharma that meets the end-to-end requirements of any Pharmaceutical / Device / Raw Material & Intermediate manufacturing industry. Industrial Best Practices, WHO Good Manufacturing Practices...


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M-Pharma - Distributors

M-PharmaTM Distributors

MGRMs Marketing Sales and Outbound Logistics (MSO) is an integrated platform to conduct all outbound operations that includes market definition and segmentation, marketing campaigns, pricing, sales campaigns, shopping cart, order booking, logistics management, warehousing and others...


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