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School districts have the responsibility to ensure the goals of their district are met with quality and high educational attainment. While it is difficult for District Offices to manage each school in a simple manner, districts & states have provided broad guidelines on which institutions shall operate and report on their progress, allow for them to focus on strategic objectives and outcomes. Local Educational Agencies can participate by conducting their board meetings, decisions taken, meeting minutes etc. on M-Star thereby managing their own processes effectively, while meeting district requirements.

M-Star School Expert System helps State & District Educational Systems to easily manage their 100s to 100,000 educational systems, all while maintaining quality, ensuring policies are being implemented at the time of process execution, and complying with state standards. M-Star is customized for districts and deployed at the institution level, to help them manage their own admissions, schedules, fees, assessments, transportation and other requirements. M-Star is indispensable for school function as it automates routine tasks while taking care of compliance with accreditation and other norms. The system alert the user / institution of potential lapses which can immediately be addressed, or scheduled for the next quarterly / annual or long term plan as deemed necessary.

M-Star enables educational institutions to meet state and district reporting requirements by processing data that resides in their database and providing timely reports based on state & district requirements. Institutions review and submit the required information to the district for their own requirements of reporting, funding, access to grants and scholarships among others.

M-Star SES District Version is a centrally deployed cloud based system that resides in the District Office or a Data Center. The customized M-Star SES runs in the individual institutions as a on-campus deployment or a cloud-based deployment, allowing district offices to manage them from a central location. All reports received from the schools are consolidated in an Oracle, MySQL or other databases that meet district requirements. Data from institutions are further processed to enable insights into the educational system as a whole, and into standards based reporting to maintain state / district standards, and accreditation norms.

Key features of the District / State solution are

- Central Database for all Institutions

- Centralized management of district applications

- Integrated applications spanning all aspects of Institution and District Function

- Longitudinal data collection and analysis; Time Series Analysis

- Educational Census and Statistics

- Educational Intelligence

- Predictive and Corrective Analytics



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