Insurance for Governance

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In the insurance industry, a booming market has made systems management, underwriting and risk aggregation more complex. M-Sure Insurance Expert System™ helps to radically improve processes and service delivery by integrating the core modules of product management, quote and policy management, premium management, claims management, risk management and fraud control.

The components of the Insurance Expert System developed by MGRM consist of core modules directly addressing the needs of the insurance industry

Product Management

The Product Management module works like a manual and contains all information related to a product.  Specific groups within the organization -- such as agents, policy approvers, and claims managers -- as well as customers can view pertinent information designated for their particular role.

Quote & Policy Management

Quote & Policy Management forms the core underwriting module of M-Sure. MGRM undertakes the task of issuing insurance policies on behalf of the insurance company as per company rules. M-Sure, through its flexi-policy component, allows for modifications in the policy and allows the company to add benefits to a policy before it is locked.

Premium Management

The Premium Management module facilitates smooth and efficient collection and management of insurance premiums.

Claims Management

The Claims Management module facilitates filing of claims both online and offline. Claims can be processed automatically and all information related to claims can be stored and tracked.

Risk Management

The Risk Management module provides tools for pragmatic analysis and allows a company to take a calculated proactive stance. In addition, it allows customer verification prior to claim clearance.

Fraud Control

The Fraud Control module encompasses a variety of tools and built-in filters that enable the system to verify credentials of the claim recipient against the designated nominee as soon as a claim is filed.

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