Insurance for Governance

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MGRM has more than 25 years of research and application development experience in health, education, insurance and other domains. MGRM would like to use this expertise in building a robust Insurance System as greenfield or a brownfield project using its M-Sure Insurance Expert System (outlined below), its proprietary OmVcard, and its E-governance Framework.

MGRM E-governance Solution for the Insurance Industry addresses three major layers, the Insurance Regulatory Authority, Insurance and Re-Insurance Industry with its various Agencies, Underwriters, and other stakeholders, as well as the Public.

Salient features of the platform include

(i) Adherence to E-governance Framework for management of the entire Information Architecture of your industry, to manage the Interactions and Transactions, and Transformations

(ii) Advanced ICT platform to facilitate seamless integration of all stakeholders and existing applications

(iii) MGRM proprietary OmVcard (smartcard) based insurance policy issuance and its management

(iv) Comprehensive suite of products to manage all aspects of your industry

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