Insurance for Governance

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“M-SureTM is a software component of Insurance Expert System (IES) comprising of Insurance or “front-end” component and Operations or “back-end” component”.

Insurance industry is based on the concept of many bonding together to provide protection against losses suffered by a few. The modern insurance industry enjoys new business opportunities, potential markets, increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs of capital, enabling well-managed companies to deliver expanded services and greater shareholder value. Outsourcing and strategic partnerships are proving increasingly popular. However, these forces are also prompting financial companies to develop far-flung business operations, which make group management and risk aggregation more challenging. The tightening of margins due to globalization and increasing competition is compelling companies to look for new ways to sharpen underwriting, cut overheads and reduce leakage of claims. They are also striving to improve risk management in the wake of recent financial setbacks, solvency pressures and governance scandals.

It is imperative for companies to radically improve their business processes to keep pace and overcome these challenges. Better processes mean better services. Insurance companies need to apply highly effective technological systems to ensure a well-designed regulatory regime, which is effective and proportionate to the risks it addresses not only in terms of operations but also in terms of effective supervisory collaboration for enhanced transparency, public disclosure and improved communication with all industry participants.

The components of the Insurance Expert Systems developed by MGRM consist of core modules directly addressing the needs of the insurance industry.

Product Management

The Product Management module works like a product manual and contains all information related to a product. Information can be viewed by specific groups within the organization like agents, policy approver, claims manager as well as by the customers.

Quote & Policy Management

Quote & Policy Management forms the core underwriting module of M-Sure. MGRM undertakes the task of issuing insurance policies on behalf of the insurance company as per the company rules. IES, through its Flexi-Policy component, allows for modifications in the policy as well as allows the company to add benefits to a policy before it is frozen.

Premium Management

The Premium management module facilitates smooth and efficient collection and management of premium and addresses all related issues.

Claims Management

The Claims Management module facilitates filing of claims online and off-line. Claims can be processed automatically/semi-automatically and all information related to claims can be stored and tracked using this module.

Risk Management

The Risk Management module provides tools for pragmatic analysis and allows a calculated proactive stance by a company. In addition, it provides for customer verification prior to claim clearance thereby providing relief to the company’s risk clearance department.

Fraud Control

The Fraud Control module comprises a variety of tools and built-in filters, which enable the system to verify the credentials of the recipient of the claim against the nominee s soon as a claim is filed.

M-Sure Insurance Expert System

M-SureTM Insurance Expert System

In the insurance industry, a booming market has made systems management, underwriting and risk aggregation more complex. M-Sure Insurance Expert System™ helps to radically improve processes and service delivery by integrating the core modules of product management...


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M-Gov Insurance for Governance

M-GovTM Insurance for Governance

MGRM has more than 25 years of research and application development experience in health, education, insurance and other domains. MGRM would like to use this expertise in building a robust Insurance System as greenfield or a brownfield project using its M-Sure Insurance Expert System (outlined below)...


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