Health Expert System

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Access to a good and experienced medical practitioner is limited due to several factors like distance and lack of time. In larger cities the travel and wait times far outweigh the benefit of the consultation and in suburban and rural areas economy plays a restrictive role.

These limitations also affect the medical fraternity, who are limited to the vicinity of their practice and local few patients.


MGRM WEBOPD is a fully branded Healthcare Innovation, which allows patients to consult specialist doctors independent of time, distance, weather and location. This service can also be attached to aspiring hospitals, and healthcare systems such as the governments, large hospital chain and others. Specialized services within WEBOPD include access to counseling, alternative medicine and rehabilitation networks.

Patient Records Online: is a system that can be extended to patients, by making all their medical records available at one place. They can access their medical records in real-time, through WEBOPD.

Medical Emergency Hotline: MGRM can help setup a comprehensive emergency hotline with integrated dispatch facilities for your health system. Alternately, you can invest in developing an emergency system, and sell services to the government, private hospitals and to the citizens.

Web Clinic:

MGRM Web Clinic is a specialized online service for the medical practitioner fraternity. Doctors, surgeons, as well as practitioners of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and others, use MGRM Web Clinic to provide initial consultation, as well as follow up reviews of patient's progress over the web.

Driven through advanced technologies, and sophisticated imaging techniques, the system allows for review of patient status, and provide prescriptions. At times, where ever the situation demands, the practitioner might request a visit, a laboratory report or a diagnostic to be conducted.

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