Health Expert System

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The National Health Portal serves as a “window to the world” for the Health Initiative. It shall serve to disseminate information pertaining to Health, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Awareness & Prevention of HIV / AIDS  and various Communicable and Non-communicable Disease, and additionally serve several important functions, such as follows

  • Online Programs - Conduct and Participate in various youth, women and children Health Awareness Programs online
  • Health Protocols - Prevention, Pre-Treatment, Treatment & Post Treatment Protocols for various injuries, diseases, ailments & conditions
  • Health Training & Train the Trainer Programs
  • Health Standards & Indicators
  • Health Education Standards among others.

Online Programs

The Ministry and its various departments can conduct various online programs for adolescent girls, youth, pregnant women, and others including health awareness programs, disease control & preventive health programs, counseling programs, online clinics and others

Health Protocols

M-HealTM Health E-governance Platform  provides for Information / Content & learning framework, which is used by various Bodies and Bureaus that provide authoritative information to the citizen and common man towards dissemination of their knowledge bank and expert contents.

MGRM has conducted detailed research into health and disease etiology, and has developed protocols for Prevention, Pre-Problem Address, and Problem Address to Post-Problem Address stages. MGRM is fully equipped to provide comprehensive protocols& products for diseases, injuries and conditions as well as for various diagnostic tests and treatments.

Health Training

Health trainings to meet the needs of various stakeholders are provided online. These include Teacher Health Educational Programs that highlight the importance of health on education, as well as various methodologies to integrate health education into their curriculum. Training for School Nurse, Doctors, as well as for the ASHA worker, Anganwadi / Balwadi Worker, Panchayati Raj Institution Workers are made available online thereby empowering them fulfill the promise of the National Rural Health Mission.

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