Health Expert System

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Health is vital for various physical and cognitive functions. An individual's health status  determines, among other factors, their chances of participation in several physical activities, being regular to school/work,  positive attendance, mathematical and reasoning ability to name few. In the absence of proper health, and nutritional support, it is difficult for a student / an individual especially those in villages and rural areas to continue with education or be successful in life at large. The problem is further compounded for the girls and eventually women due to the societal taboos towards attending school, loss of iron during menstrual cycle and shortage of other vital bodily nutrients.

MGRM's Healthcare solutions provide for the collaborative development of health measures of children at the school level, citizen at National level including setting uniform standards to basic Health Education as well. These healthcare solutions facilitate a seamless and uniform health guidelines to be followed across all the boundaries.

M-Heal Health Expert System

M-HealTM Health Expert System

M-Heal Health Expert System ™ is a Multi-Dimensional Health Platform that is deployed at the school level, to manage School Health Programs. This is applicable to schools of various categories including Standalone Institutions, Cluster Schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas, International Schools and...


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M-Heal National Health Portal

M-HealTM National Health Portal

The National Health Portal serves as a “window to the world” for the Health Initiative. It shall serve to disseminate information pertaining to Health, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Awareness & Prevention of HIV / AIDS The National Health Portal serves as a “window to the world” for the Health Initiative...


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Health Information Systems

Hospital Information Systems

Hospital Information System is developed with the objective to enhance Medical Outcomes, Quality of Life, Quality of Care, and simultaneously reduce Operations, Morbidity, Medical Errors and Cost. These key goals of Hospital Information System, or HIS when met will have a great impact on outcomes...


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Virtual Hospitals

Virtual Hospitals

Access to a good and experienced medical practitioner is limited due to several factors like distance and lack of time. In larger cities the travel and wait times far outweigh the benefit of the consultation and in suburban and rural areas economy plays a restrictive role....


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