M-Star Education Expert Systems

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M-Star Education Expert Systems are applications that completely integrate all academic and administrative departments within an educational institution and cater to the requirements of all elements within the domain of education, viz., Student, Teacher, Alumni, Management and Parent.

MGRM’s Multi-Completeness Education e-Governance platform integrates the Government Bodies (Ministry, State Education Depts., District, Block and Village Education Officers) with the Educational Institution (School, College, University, etc.) on one hand and the Public on the other. These systems make Managing, Scheduling, Tracking, Analyzing and Reporting institution specific information and data.

M-Star Systems are e-Governance compliant, OmVcard driven, integrated applications for schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes and other educational institutions. The proprietary OmVcard is the Online Multi-domain Value Card that provides personalized and controlled information access to M-Star and M-Power, the community portal of M-Star users.

The M-Star Education Expert Systems are:

  • Fully developed
  • Fully integrated
  • Fully tested, with proven technology
  • Ready to Implement
  • Involves all domain stakeholders
  • E-governance compliant
  • Domain enriching
  • Values blended with technology
  • Life-cycle approach based
  • Individual focused
  • Research based

The products, services and solutions available under the M-Star Education Expert Systems are:

M-Star School Expert Systems

  • Play School Expert System
  • Kindergarten Expert System
  • Nursery Expert System
  • Residential School Expert System
  • International School Expert System
  • Primary School Expert System
  • Public School Expert System
  • Municipal School Expert System
  • Village School Expert System

M-Star College Expert Systems

  • Public / Govt College Expert System
  • Community College Expert System
  • Agricultural College Expert System
  • Arts College Expert System
  • Business College Expert System
  • Management College Expert System
  • Forensic Science College Expert System
  • Veterinary College Expert System

M-Star University Expert Systems

  • Agricultural University Expert System
  • Medical Expert System
  • Medical Monitoring & Treatment System
  • Business Management Expert System
  • Technical Expert System
  • Religious University Expert System
  • Media Expert System

M-Star Technical Institutions Expert Systems

  • Engineering College Expert System
  • Catering Expert System
  • Hotel Management Expert System
  • Pharmacy College Expert System
  • Vocational College Expert System
  • Polytechnic College Expert System

Pre Campus Services

  • Web-enabled, online services integrated with M-Star Education Expert Systems
  • Online Admissions
  • Online Recruitment

Other Education Expert Systems

  • Learning Expert System
  • Non-Formal Education Expert System
  • Girl Child Expert System
  • Adult Literacy Expert System
  • Geriatric Expert System
  • Multi-Training Expert System


  • Community portal for M-Star users to access specialized services. It is integrated with M-Star Education Expert Systems and allows access to user-specific information outside the institution campus.


  • Online and on-campus international & national examination system.

MGRM Virtual University

  • Dynamic Monitoring Distance Education System.


  • MyLMS is a highly intuitive tool for delivering online courses and distance education. It facilitates all the needs of the online learning community and benefits the instructors as well as students by bringing them on a common, cohesive platform, thereby bringing collaborative learning at your doorstep.

Based on simplicity of learning and making it fun, MyLMS is driven by a concept of Dashboards for all the stakeholders in order to facilitate the e-Learning process. A one-stop view to all the important parameters a user needs to have an insight of are available as soon as he/she logs into the application.


  • A desired tool for human development, the proprietary profiling services offer an all-round, complete analysis with corrective measures addressing the physical, psychological and social dimensions of an individual.
  • Career Profiling
    • Life Plan | Career Plan | Dream Plan | Civil Services Plan | Drop IN! | Changed NOW!
  • Nutritional Profiling
  • Personality Profiling
  • M-Assessment
    • All round assessment of all elements - Student, Teacher, Alumni, Management and Parent - in the education domain. With seamless integration with the M-Star Education Expert Systems, the solution gives continual assessment for life cycle based growth of the system and personality cycle based growth of individuals.
  • Electronic Tool Integration E-Readiness Index
  • The measurement of an e-Readiness take-off stage, the ETIR index indicates the (readiness of) ICT tool environment vis-à-vis country indicators.

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