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M-StarTM LSP is a highly intuitive tool for delivering online courses and distance education. It facilitates all the needs of the online learning community and benefits the instructors as well as students by bringing them on a common, cohesive platform, thereby bringing collaborative learning at your doorstep.

M-StarTM LSP, is MGRM's premium Early Learning Platform, a significant leap forward over Learning Management Systems. This platform supports  traditional face-to-face Classroom Instruction, various Blended Learning Modalities, fully Virtual Online Programs and Distance Education Programs.

Based on simplicity of learning and making it fun, M-StarTM LSP is driven by a concept of Dashboards for all the stakeholders in order to facilitate the e-Learning process. LSP is applicable to effectively train and educate in several ways.

Early Learning Platform

MGRM Early Learning Platform addresses the specific needs of

  • Districts, States and Nation wide e-Governance to provide mother oriented programs pertaining to Child Development, Nutrition, Health and Developmental Milestones.
  • Child oriented programs that foster sensory development, numeracy, reading, listening and other skills.
  • Early Childhood Education Institutions benefit from this platform by having uniform & standardized content throughout their system, as well as ready access to material by the Teachers, Trainers and Instructional staff.
  • Children related programs can be simple online activities conducted through engaging interfaces, or can be activities that are to be conducted at the institutional level.

Traditional Education

Different learning environments and learners, deserve different types of support. M-StarTM LSP, along with a number of tools and technologies significantly enhances your ability to deliver instructions, to meet the special needs of higher education students to help strive towards Skill Acquisition and Educational Excellence.

Educational Trend - Virtual Institution online

MGRM provides for a powerful M-Star Learning Support Platform that services the needs of traditional schools as they grapple with new technology and make available curriculum and lessons online with supplemental material for home assignments, and the needs of forward thinking institutions that seek to provide a Virtual School as an option or a purely Virtual Institution online.

Early Intervention Knowledge Bank

M-StarTM LSP provides the framework for organizations to identify issues early on, and to use knowledge that resides with the experts in house to resolve them. Key advantages of using  M-StarTM LSP for creating the Early Intervention Knowledge Bank are

  • A structured curriculum can be developed around it and made part of the Induction and In-service training.
  • Content created can be sold to other agencies or shared over your network of authorized users towards large-scale development.
  • Users can be assessed for their knowledge of the issue and resolution measures as outlined by you.
  • Knowledge based discussion forums can be created to enhance sharing and learning
  • Calendars can be used to create Learning and Assessment Schedules towards achieving overall institutional goals.

M-StarTM Skills Development Expert System

M-StarTM LSP provides for the skills development needs of the educational institutions.  M-StarTM LSP supports comprehensive learning, progression, formative & summative assessments, grading and others. This application is deployed in the following models

(i) Home Bound – where the user acquires a skill from home through online access

(ii) Site Bound – where the user is an employee working on a site that could be an industry, construction site, etc. and the programs are accessed either during the working hours of the industry, or off-hours as in a construction site, agricultural farm or others

(iii) School Bound – wherein the programs are deployed in a brick & mortar school. Common elements of the program include 24X 7 access or time-based access to content, integrated contents with tools, and additional software that aid in learning, access to expert at site or a Knowledge Center, and others.

Culture education

M-StarTM LSP provides a salient platform to create, launch, and test the delivery of culturally oriented curriculum. Due to its high scalability, it is ideally suited for large population base as culture is taught, debated and learning of the same is tested. By bringing experts and learners onto the same platform, MGRM helps easy development of content, deployment of culturally rich material, and resolution of issues pertaining to gaps in our understanding of culture.

In addition to culture, additional content areas such as pertaining to sports, games, and others can be deployed as required by your department or organization.

Salient Features of MGRM Learning Support Platform

Following are the Value-enhanced functionalities and services that are a part of above discussed varied LSP modalities.

  • Personalized Learning Program (PLP)
  • Predictive & Corrective Analytics
  • Live Instruction & Live Support
  • Supplemental Learning Contents
  • Social Learning & Collaboration
  • Personalized Dashboard for Every User
  • Online Courses & Instruction Support
  • Course Equivalence
  • E-Portfolio

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