M-Star Education Expert Systems

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The term “Delivery” applies to mother and child, while “Development” concerns parents and caters to development needs before and after delivery. Accordingly, the concept encompasses women and child development, early childhood education, social programs targeted towards girl children, pregnant women, primary, secondary and higher education, vocational education, skill development, professional development and employment.

MGRM services are delivered through its proprietary life cycle model Delivery to Development, wherein the services ensue from pregnancy, through various medical checks, delivery, and subsequent immunization, nutrition programs, early childhood program enrollment, schooling, higher education, skills and career development and placement in industry.

MGRM has developed several systems to support the requirements of the “Delivery to Development” phase of the Human Life Cycle under the umbrella of “M-Star Education Expert System” and ICT based e-Governance Platform.

Outcomes of the Platform

The brief goal of the platform is to take the situation from an apparently disastrous level to a development level…. “from potential disaster to development”. Girl illiteracy, adult / women illiteracy, juvenile criminals, drug addicts, drop outs, and unskilled are disasters, both a personal level as they have missed the bus and are handicap, and at the state level, as they become large issues that state is not capable of handling, leading to further problems loss of industrial and personal productivity, social problems such as HIV / AIDS, unemployment, crime against man and environment, to name just a few. By proper mapping and by taking timely decisions and by providing alternate and powerful strategies, the platform prevents most problems from occurring in the first place and from escalating into disasters if they have already arisen.

The platform has been developed using the advanced, world acclaimed tool MGRM Engineering Practice (MEP). MEP is a multi-layered, multi-functional tool that takes care of all phases of the software development and deployment life cycle from Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Customization, Personalisation, Implementation and Post Implementation Customer Relationship Management.

Integrated Application

In addition to the e-Governance Platform, MGRM has a host of integrated world-class applications, namely the M-Star School Expert System, M-Star College Expert System, M-Star University Expert System, Integrated Online Admissions, Online Recruitment, Student Performance Appraisal, Teacher Performance Appraisal, Inspection, M-Galaxy, M-Star Visitor Expert System and many more. These applications add richness and vibrancy to the e-Governance Platform.


A variety of services can be delivered using this platform, spanning Education and Employment, Social Welfare, Women & Child Development, and Health, to name an indicative few. As the services become familiar to the citizen as well as the government officials, more services can be deployed over the same infrastructure, thereby significantly reducing the cost of the service delivery. Indicative services in each are as below


Services are provided to Students, Teachers, Alumni, Management and Parent and span report card generation and deficiency analysis, delivery of various government programs such as School Feeding Programs / Mid-Day Meals Scheme, Universal School Education / No Child Left Behind, payroll generation, inspection reports, skills development, literacy programs, teacher training, placement services and others.

Social Welfare

Registration of senior citizen, destitute women and children, issue of various certificates such as Senior Citizen, delivery of financial assistance to widow, destitute women, orphans, destitute children, handicaps and others. Additionally programs and schemes delivered through NGOs can be effectively delivered and monitored using this platform.


Few of the many services are registration of birth and creation of a Child Health Record, Immunization, Health Checkups, Health and Nutrition Education, HIV and other diseases awareness programs, training health workers, issue of disability certificate, telemedicine and counselling programs to name a few.

Women and Child Development

Pregnancy and birth registration, women and girl child literacy, women skills development, enrollment of women and child in Integrated Child Development Schemes, and in Women / Child Development Centers, and others, training of health workers, and delivery of various women and child schemes and others, are some of the indicated services.

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