M- Auto e-Governance

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MGRM Consumer Portal is a living entity that services the consumers need to understand your organization, vision, mission and goals, and the products and services in the right spirit and in totality. Designed around an E-governance Framework, it provides for the right information at the right time and place, to trigger the required user interactions and transactions to bring about the required transformation in their life as envisioned by you.

MGRM sets new standards in communications, interactions and transactions, to enable a very high quality of engagement between you and the end user in an easy manner that can be achieved with minimal effort. Todays' portals are nothing more than shopping carts, with little to no differentiation with an electronic gadget manufacturer or the garment industry! They are designed based on the wrong premise that people want to shop quickly, as they would their $50 garment or gadget. Clients need to participate and engage with the organization, among salient others, are not met.

The Consumer Portal serves as a “window to the world” for your organization. It serves to disseminate information pertaining to various aspects of the industry and product.


  • Easy compliance to national / state program requirements of information transparency, visibility, accessibility and others 
  • Persona based Personalized engagement
  • Global branding
  • Important news, announcements, circulars, and notifications
  • Each Department can independently manage their customer interface and campaigns
  • Mass communication and messaging
  • Ability to build a social media presence (RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, blogs, etc.) for enhancing networking and interactions with society
  • Decentralized, participative and collaborative content creation
  • Self-managed control panel for content management and uploads; easy to update at the departmental level
  • High degree of interaction (e.g., polls, surveys, comments, feedback at individual program and location)
  • Multilingual support
  • Comprehensive user activity tracking & statistics
  • Key reports available at fingertips

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