M- Auto e-Governance

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The automobile domain plays an important role in the life of an individual. Across the life cycle, various automatic transportation, or automobiles for short, provide unique experiences, ability to participate in rapid economic growth, and the ability to travel across the world, its oceans and space. Access to automobiles provide for rapid upward growth, while misuse or lack of access can lead to a stagnation or net negative growth.

MGRM's has developed a Unique Automobile e-Governance Platform for the Automobile Industry. Using its research in the Automobile Domain spanning more than 15 years, we have developed an integrated and proprietary platform that provides a host of services for Government, Industries and the Public. The Administration Layer of the platform ensures industry registrations, product quality compliance, and environmental vigilance, among others. The Industry Layer takes care of the requirements of the various automobile industries, spanning two-wheelers, four-wheelers, water and ocean-going vehicles, airlines, locomotives and others. M-AutoTM MGRM's Automobile Expert System takes care of the requirement of the individual industry. Various public related services such as motor vehicle registration, environmental compliance, insurance, vehicle maintenance and repair services are provided to the public. A Unique Automobile Gateway links all users to the appropriate government department or industry to provide and receive the relevant services.

Salient benefits of this program includes integration across all automobile industries that simplifies processes and service delivery, one-window access to all services of the automobile domain, for the various manufacturers, administrators, vendors and public.

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