M- Auto e-Governance

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“M-AutoTM is an application designed and developed by MGRM to provide a platform for innovation in the automobile industry”.

The modern automobile industry is faced with demanding environmental legislations, changing regulations, globalization, increasing competition, individualization, digitalization and safety regulations. In order to cope with the industry’s increasing complexity, the manufacturers and suppliers have to adopt advanced technological solutions for their products and processes. Companies need to make their internal processes more efficient to stay ahead of the competition. They need to connect with their customers, suppliers and partners on a real-time basis and share data and processes.

Vehicle retailers have been struggling to improve sales, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in a highly competitive market all around the world. MGRM has designed an innovative application called ‘M-AutoTM’ which provides the platform to innovate and give dealers the flexibility to manage their businesses the way they want. At the same time the system allows customers to access complete records for their vehicle, thereby giving them the much required transparency.

M-AutoTM is affordable, user-friendly and fully integrated and addresses all needs of clients starting a new dealership or expanding an existing business. Its online support system also allows customers to receive instant help.

Some of the key features of M-AutoTM are:

  • Sales management
  • Dealer tracking
  • After-sales maintenance service
  • Integration with M-Sure (MGRM’s Insurance Expert System) for claim’s management
  • Customer service log
  • Spares & inventory management
  • Re-sale management

M-Auto Automobile and Consumer Portal

M-AutoTM Automobile & Consumer Portal

MGRM Consumer Portal is a living entity that services the consumers need to understand your organization, vision, mission and goals, and the products and services in the right spirit and in totality. Designed around an E-governance Framework, it provides for the right information at the right time and place, to trigger the required user interactions and transactions to bring about the required transformation in their life as envisioned by you....


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M- Auto E-Governance

M- AutoTM e-Governance

MGRM Automobile E-governance Platform allows automobile industry to effectively manage their manufacturing, vendors & suppliers, along with the distribution channels and partnerships, and end-user relationships. In the absence of a customer oriented approach, the industry suffers from its inability to engage their own clients in a dialog that leads to relationships and outcomes...


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