About MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management)

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MGRM has developed products, services and solutions that successfully address the e-Governance needs of various domains, viz., Healthcare, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles and Insurance, through integrated applications.

MGRM has developed Country Governance platforms to achieve its mission – M-Star Governance – taking each country, state, district, city, society and community as variables within the parameters of different systems, cultures, necessities or requirements. This proprietary platform addresses every dimension of human existence to ensure 100% success "To make an individual, a Complete Personality".

New concepts, and ideas emerging from one, cross-fertilize with others to create unifying and novel products and services that converge on individuals needs, to satisfy them and enhance their potential.

MGRM, Inc. has licensed various IPRs to companies across the globe to customize and implement our solutions. These licenses are provided based on the eligibility of the partner company to fulfill the essential prerequisites.

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