About MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management)

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Our Vision

"Search and research are the essence of mankind. The resultant awareness leads to an individual's physical, psychological, social and spiritual evolution. Extensive scientific and medical research has proved that the concept of rehabilitation is not limited to physical rehabilitation. Ultimate Rehabilitation for the human race is one that can recognize and simultaneously encompass all the above elements that make an individual a complete personality."

Dr K V R Murthy - Founder, MGRM

Our Aim

To create a corporate which aid’s the growth of an individual in an all-encompassing manner and thus contribute positively towards growth of the society.

 Our Mission

"To make an individual, a Complete Personality."

A person who is positive, productive and socially conscientious is said to be a complete personality. All human actions, interactions and issues occur primarily within the three realms of existence – physical (pertaining to the body), psychological (pertaining to the mind) and social (pertaining to the social landscape). Any disturbance to our environment and to our lives has ramifications across all the three dimensions. MGRM recognizes the importance of addressing these human dimensions in order to overcome inherent or acquired shortcomings, putting an individual back on the path to his pristine nature, and make an individual a complete personality through the process of Ultimate Rehabilitation. The process of Ultimate Rehabilitation provides for a clear perspective on how our environment and our lives are in constant flux and offers the solution for overcoming our vulnerabilities.

MGRM delivers multi-dimensional, real time solutions combined with intangible values that help make an individual a complete personality. Through the individual, MGRM serves societies and countries to reach "completeness" in these dimensions. All MGRM business ventures are run with a socially relevant philosophy and are guided by the belief that unless a person evolves in all three-dimensions, his development can never be complete and his true potential can never be realized.

MGRM has developed a common proprietary platform to achieve its mission - M-Star Governance - taking each country, state, district, city, society and community as variables within the parameters of different systems, cultures, necessities or requirements. This proprietary platform addresses every dimension of human existence to ensure 100% success "To make an individual, a Complete Personality".

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