About MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management)

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Technology-Value Blend

Every MGRM product, service and solution intrinsically features a blend of technology and human values based up on the Human Life Cycle approach, designed to meet specific location-related nuances of any domain at the individual level. The result is a completely customized solution that promotes harmonious growth of individuals and society anywhere.

Process Driven Solutions

MGRM employs a high degree of process orientation through MGRM Engineering Practices (MEP). All departments within the company, such as HR, requirements engineering, project management, configuration management and implementation processes, are enforced by this framework. MEP allows an integrated view of everything that goes on within the organization, encouraging the highest quality of performance and dedication, as is expected of each and every individual.

In-house Research Core

Exhaustive, intensive research spanning more than two decades is at the core of MGRM and its offerings. The resulting knowledge bank encourages cross-pollination of ideas and concepts among its Group companies. The most valuable of best practices and global advancements are regularly incorporated in product development, human resource development and service deployment.

Global Presence

MGRM enjoys a global presence by virtue of its Group companies and large team. Across the world, countless satisfied customers are using MGRM’s physical rehabilitation or e-Governance solutions. Thus, the Group is able to address similar issues in varied environments, which adds to the resource pool of knowledge and product development and enables it to expand the horizons of product design and delivery.

Multi-domain Products

Through integrated applications, MGRM has developed products, services and solutions, successfully addressing the e-Governance needs of particular industries – Education, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Automotive.

Team & Work Culture

Team MGRM is driven by the five tenets of M S T A R - Moral, Simple, Transparent, Accountable and Responsive. The Group provides opportunities to every member of its workforce to grow into a responsible, productive and socially-conscientious member of society. The MGRM team of accomplished scientists, technocrats and talented professionals work constantly to develop revolutionary products and solutions with dynamic ways of application implementation and deployment. At MGRM, we take pride having created a culture that promotes new ideas, creativity and a sense of community.

Quality Adherence

MGRM products, services, and solutions adhere to international standards. M-LABS, the MGRM Research Centre, is credited with 50 licenses, more than 200 patents, and over 100 trademarks, including:

  • FDA Approval (United States Food & Drug Administration)
  • CE (Certificate of Conformity) marking for Europe
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified by WHO
  • ISO 9001:2000/ISO 13485:2003 (for Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001:2004 (for Environmental Management Systems)
  • OHSAS 18001 (for Occupational Health and Safety Management)
  • CMM Level 4 from the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (for Application Services)

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