About MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management)

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The name MGRM evokes a humble prayer - “May God Rehabilitate Mankind”.

It exemplifies a powerful thought force and a commitment to the belief towards Ultimate Rehabilitation of mankind.

When any suffering afflicts an individual, it gives rise to an abnormality or imbalance, forcing him to take measures to regain the ‘normal’ condition--to rehabilitate oneself. His efforts focus on re-gaining the original balanced state. The 21st century, marred with problems and miseries, is witness to suffering in all walks of life.

We must recognize, rehabilitate and rebuild… however estimate at what cost? With so much suffering surrounding us, the earnest hope that comes from within is “May God Rehabilitate Mankind”.

  • MGRM's unique philosophy addresses The Mission "To make an individual a complete personality ". Understanding this philosophy allows you to connect and relate with your inner self and the society at large with greater clarity.
  • The following explains and gives an insight with respect to the MGRM philosophy

What is Rehabilitation?

  • The term Rehabilitation is most commonly associated with the process of helping a person who suffered an illness or injury to restore the lost skills and in the process regain maximum self-sufficiency.
  • However it is to be noted that “Extensive scientific and medical research has proved that the concept of rehabilitation is not limited to physical recovery

What is Ultimate Rehabilitation?

  • It is very likely that the root cause of an individual's physical condition is due to the psychological state and/or social status as well. Under such circumstances addressing the physical condition as stand alone is not sufficient.
  • Here comes the MGRM's concept of “Ultimate Rehabilitation” that throws light on the perception of rehabilitation through the three dimensional prism of physical, psychological and the social aspects.

Thus, simply defined, Ultimate Rehabilitation is, striving and acquiring fitness in the three realms of human existence

  • No difficulty in performing day to day physical activities
  • No barriers in mental balance and psychological outlook
  • No social issues in connecting with the society positively and no spiritual clog that restricts to differentiate between right and wrong and self-realization

What is a Complete Personality?

Human growth is unidirectional and has limitations in timelines and stature. Never the less,human evolution is an ongoing process till the end of one’s life. It is possible to estimate the time needed to grow in any sphere of life, however, time taken for one to become an evolved person cannot be ascertained.

This narrows down the search to a way of life in which an individual is at peace with himself and with the society at large. He is able to perform all expected duties in the realm of the body, mind and society. Hence, he would be fit in the body and in the mind and also shall have a sound social life. Striving towards this status is required for making an individual, a complete personality. Once on this standing of “Ultimate Rehabilitation” an individual attains the “Complete Personality”.

His journey of spiritual evolution commences from this point and it has no religious connotations. It can be defined as the ability to distinguish right from wrong and make the choice of his life's direction. This evolution can be in various stages and ways. An individual has to walk the path of this evolution all by himself.

Human Life Cycle Approach

The MGRM proprietary Technologies have evolved on the basis of the Human Life Cycle. MGRM has effectively mapped each stage of human growth to identify needs and requirements of a particular stage and applied its vast domain expertise to solidify trends that address these needs to develop advanced Technologies or technology protocols. These Technologies are used to create products and services with three-dimensional applicability, which provide solutions for the process of Ultimate Rehabilitation.

The MGRM proprietary platform covers wide and multiple domains, which include education, automobiles, insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, governance and construction, among others. These domains define the fundamental social framework within which an individual operates and are basic to his existence and growth. The MGRM team of accomplished scientists and professionals develop the products and services using world-class processes with stringent quality controls.

MGRM products and services, though uni-dimensional in application, are multi-dimensional in applicability, addressing preventive, pre-problem, problem and post-problem requirements. For instance, a splint or brace is used by an individual to overcome immediate physical discomfort but it also prevents further damage, reduces post-treatment issues and provides mental relief. These products and services are scalable with emerging trends and needs.

Through years of rigorous and in-depth research MGRM has developed innumerable world-class concepts and unparalleled proprietary solutions, which are licensed / transferred to corporations and foundations through which they are able to develop their own range of products and services.

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