About MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management)

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Thirty years ago a vision was formed and a humble beginning to realize that vision was made in the form of MGRM. The vision was of the "Ultimate Rehabilitation of the Human Race". The mission was "To make an individual, a Complete Personality" and the hope was "May God Rehabilitate Mankind".

It was a vision to create a corporate, which would aid the growth of an individual in an all-encompassing manner and thus, contribute positively towards the growth of the society. Hence, in a world working towards adding value to their products, MGRM continuously strives to add value to an individual's life. Our efforts remained focused towards developing products and solutions, which would address the physical, psychological and social requirements of an individual. The 21st century sees the world besieged by tremendous problems and miseries in the form of Global Warming. HIV/AIDS, Drugs, Terrorism, Civil Wars, Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Ethnic Riots, Population Growth, spiraling Crime-rates, Juvenile Delinquencies, Teenage Pregnancies, Dysfunctional Families, etc. MGRM strives to do business with a philosophy based on positive human values and to support every individual affected by such problems and miseries. Indeed a daunting task in today's world, where everything is heavily commercialized and human values are forgotten. Nevertheless, believing in the power of our vision and the force of a thought, we chose to persevere on this journey and on our commitment to our belief.

MGRM has now grown into a diverse group of companies with a global presence; each company working with the same vision and contributing effectively towards the Group's mission "To make an individual, a Complete Personality". The imbalances in an individual or in the society at large are no longer restricted to a region, race or culture. The sufferings have started to assume alarming global proportions and alarm bells have started to ring across all levels all over the world. Today, as promised by our Vision, we see the landscape around us gradually starting to change and the power of a thought starting to take a distinct shape. There is an increasing talk on the need to start going back to our roots and bringing the balance back into ourselves and our societies. A safer, cleaner and better world is sought after. Over the past 20 years MGRM has developed globally effective products and solutions, which address various dimensions of human growth through its proprietary Technologies.

MGRM has been successful in bringing the focus back on an individual and re-building a value base into our governance processes and systems that help in creating a better quality of life and a better world for all. The trend for our future generations has been set.

Our journey continues.

May God Rehabilitate Mankind.

Dr. K V R Murthy | Founder and Group Chairman

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