About MGRM (Multi-domain Global Relationship Management)

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the core of MGRM activities

MGRM takes pride in its overall corporate vision, mission and objectives, existing to serve the larger cause, inarguably making the company a genuinely responsible corporate citizen. The foundation of MGRM was laid with

  • The Vision of "Ultimate Rehabilitation of the Human Race"
  • Through the Mission "To make an individual, a Complete Personality"
  • With the Hope "May God Rehabilitate Mankind" through the on-going process of “Search and Research”.

MGRM Technologies Comprehensive Products (MTCP) are a synthesis of the systems approach, governance approach, human values, human life cycle requirements and an individual's personality as applicable to various domains. These products are developed within the Interoperability Framework facilitating interaction of the three dimensions namely the psychological, social and physical for a smooth and seamless solution.

List of the MGRM products addressing the Social Dimension include:

  • Home decor / Interior Design Technologies
  • Government and Governance Technologies
  • Rural Technologies
  • Technology for Politics
  • Retail Technologies
  • Construction Technologies
  • Agriculture Technologies

My Home

MGRM My Home range of products are built around available artisan’s skills and local culture. Modern skills for to artisan modernization are provided and that includes modern designing skills, advanced technologies, finishing, quality...

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Women Empowerment

The role of a women in country development is rather deep, yet faintly visible. When one considers the country development indicators under major heads such as GDP growth, technology adoption, contribution to the labor...

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Skill Development

MGRM Skills E-governance Platform seeks to rectify the gaps in education & skills development, and provide an e-governance platform that transforms the skill base of the nation. M-Star LMS provides for the skills development...

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Rural Empowerment

MGRM Rural Talent Empowerment Initiative is a Social Rehabilitation Project that provides an Integrated Technological Platform for the Physical, Psychological, and Social Upliftment of individuals across the country or state...

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