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CSR at the Core

"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the core of MGRM activities"

MGRM takes pride in its overall corporate vision, mission and objectives, existing to serve the larger cause, inarguably making the company a genuinely responsible corporate citizen. Few if any other businesses have been founded solely on 'such missions'.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines corporate responsibility as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families and the local community and society at large. To be considered effective, corporate responsibility must be an integrated part of day-to-day business, engaging all stakeholders and including strategies to support individuals to make socially responsible decisions, conform to ethical behavior and obey the law.

The foundation of MGRM, an acronym for 'Multi-domain Global Relationship Management' was laid with:

- the Vision of "Ultimate Rehabilitation of the Human Race"

- the Mission "To make an individual, a Complete Personality"

- the Hope "May God Rehabilitate Mankind"

Objectives are pursued and achieved through the on-going process of “Search and Research”.

A complete personality is defined as a person who is positive, productive and socially conscientious.

MGRM Expert Systems, applications, tools, solutions and services are designed to address the physical, psychological and social needs of an individual at every stage of the Human Life Cycle. The system is a unique, highly secured ICT platform that provides the right pathways, practical tools and right value systems combined with advanced technology and frameworks for developing and supporting an individual's latent potential. MGRM strives to reduce human and societal conflict. Our solutions and services have been created to smooth the rough cores of our existence.


Shifts, even the slightest, in human habits and practices will change the overall quality of our habitat. Education is the key to achieving this – by creating desire for change and providing the knowledge to achieve it. Small changes accumulate, ushering in new paradigms. A truly sustainable society will only be realized when we strike a harmony between our internal needs and the external ecology, and continually strive to preserve the balance. We must cultivate an innate desire with an enduring basis. This cannot be achieved on a patchwork basis.

M-Star Education Expert Systems bring about the personal and deeper transformation of all individuals in the field of education – teachers, students, administrators, parents and alumni. These stakeholders are in fact the very pillars of society.


M-Star Hospital Expert System is pre-embedded with organizational and industrial best practices from within and outside the healthcare industry, offering insights into how institutions can maximize effectiveness and improve values within a dynamic and competitive healthcare environment.

M-Star is a gateway for healthcare research, educational systems, compliances and collaborations, helping an institution apply "Good Governance" by incorporating the best principles of performance management and innovation to this complex industry.


MGRM's e-Governance Solutions provide business-critical processes to help organizations anticipate emerging trends, enact solutions, and implement sustainability strategies with cutting-edge ICT strategies that optimize business processes.

The current regulatory environment, along with increased public and media rights to information creates significant challenges for any institution

M-Star heralds a new era of governance, helping institutions ensure compliance while providing accurate, transparent information to its stakeholders. The research-backed comprehensive framework of the M-Star Expert Systems facilitate management in responding to the demand for greater oversight, strengthening financial expertise, improving transparency and reporting within dynamic environments.


Wasting resources? Under-utilizing raw materials? The costs add up!

Our Systems and solutions help optimize efficiency, quality improvement and cost reduction in surprisingly creative ways.


At MGRM, we pride ourselves in having a corporate culture that promotes ideas, creativity and a sense of community. Every individual is encouraged to blossom into a responsible, positive, productive and socially conscious member of society. Our team of accomplished scientists, technocrats and talented professionals is driven by the five tenets of M-STAR - Moral, Simple, Transparent, Accountable and Responsive. Each member is committed, involved and appreciated. With the zeal to achieve our corporate mission, the MGRM family is a unique workforce with an exemplary corporate culture.

All MGRM Teams share three core values: Sincerity - Sustenance - Service. All strive to reduce and end conflicts, and to enable and empower one another to attain and sustain self- excellence.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) operates at the core of MGRM.