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In common understanding, the term Rehabilitation has been associated with the body. Hence, if an individual suffers from a physical disability it is said he needs rehabilitation. Similarly, if an individual suffers from a mental disability it would be said that he needs rehabilitation. To restore an individual to a position in society or to re-establish one’s character or reputation is also rehabilitation. An individual with improper thoughts also requires rehabilitation because improper thoughts can be the cause of physical diseases, neurological problems or even social problems. In other words, an individual’s physical problems can have its roots either in his mind or in a social problem that he may be facing. In such a case, attending to the individual’s physical ailment may only be a temporary solution but a permanent cure cannot be achieved or the individual cannot be permanently rehabilitated unless the other problems are also addressed. Hence the concept of “Ultimate Rehabilitation” simultaneously encompasses the physical, psychological and the social aspects of an individual’s problems before any attempt at rehabilitation.

“Ultimate Rehabilitation for the human race is one that can recognize and simultaneously encompass all the above elements that make an individual a complete personality.”

Rehabilitation is a beautiful word. It is a generic term, with no medical, social, disability or abuse-related connotation. Rehabilitation in essence is 're+habitat+ion' - and means to go back to the original habitat or condition prior to the disturbance in equilibrium.

MGRM believes that an individual operates in three dimensions - physical, psychological and social. When there is a deficiency or disturbance in any dimension, it causes unrest till restored back to its normal state.

No rehabilitation is complete unless all three dimensions are addressed. Spending billions on addressing issues in just one dimension superficially addresses the issue, leaving scope for its re-emergence in other forms and dimensions. Hence, any solution needs to be analyzed in all three dimensions and simultaneous action needs to be taken. “Ultimate Rehabilitation” denotes the process of understanding and guiding the physical, psychological and social dimensions of a problem simultaneously towards its complete rehabilitation.

Physical Rehabilitation


Wherever there is pain-- disease, injury, disability, deformity -- MGRM answers the call for relief with Preventive, Pre-treatment, Treatment and Post-treatment physical rehabilitation care products for each stage of the Human Life Cycle, from neonatal to geriatric, as well as Disaster Management Kits, Emergency Ambulance Kits, Field Ambulance (Defense) Kits and Airlines Ambulance Kits.


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Psychological Rehabilitation


MGRM has developed applications and services across domains, tapping the Human Life Cycle process and an individual's personality to empower him to become more disciplined and productive, therefore more likely contribute more positively to society. Some of these solutions include "M-Star™ Education E-Governance" and "M-Star™ Expert Systems" created for educational institutions, from pre-school to professional / technical universities, and personalized profiling services.


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Social Rehabilitation


MGRM has taken a small step in social rehabilitation by donating technological resources, allowing groups of talented rural artisans and craftspeople access to the global market through its "My Home" endeavor, which also rallies for civic amenities.


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