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While Information or any phase completeness applies to the lifecycle and its various stages of any process, multi-completeness applies to the individual. The target of Multi-Completeness concept is the individual. If an individual has got information during his or her childhood stage, but has not got the succeeding information during their adolescent stage that creates a gap in their thinking. Likewise, a person may have received the first dose of vaccination, but may have not taken the second or succeeding doses. The system keeps a track of the gap, and the fact that there is a problem that is impending. When applied to a genetic disorder, the system guides the user what to eat and what to avoid, so as to prevent or minimize the impact of diabetes, for example. Hence this Multi-Completeness Platform takes care of the life-cycle stages at each stage of Information, Interaction, Transaction and Transformation with pre-and post-validations and checks.

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