MGRM 3D Impact

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Our core values and commitment towards bettering human lives in various aspects is taken forwards through all its products, solutions and services. MGRM seeks a three Dimensional paradigm to address the service of mankind, namely - Physical, Psychological and Social Rehabilitation.

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Ultimate Rehabilitation

In common understanding, the term Rehabilitation has been associated with the body. Hence, if an individual suffers from a physical disability it is said he needs rehabilitation. Similarly, if an individual suffers from a mental disability it would be said that he needs rehabilitation...

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Complete Personality

The whole process of Ultimate Rehabilitation leading to an individual to become a complete personality is closely related to our day to day living. When an individual attains a stage in life where in he is able to perform his duties in the realm of the body, mind and society...

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While Information or any phase completeness applies to the lifecycle and its various stages of any process, multi-completeness applies to the individual. The target of Multi-Completeness concept is the individual. If an individual has got information during...

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Good Governance

Transparency and participation, responsiveness, efficiency among others are the principles of Good Governance. MGRM Master Governance Platform or M-Gov is unique and perhaps the only platform of its kind anywhere in the world that delivers all these and more...

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